About Mind-Find

At Mind-Find Consulting we believe in finding what’s right for you. We offer support to athletes/teams/organisations, focusing on performance enhancement, performance restoration, wellbeing, career transition and culture.

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United Kingdom


One to one consultations are a fantastic way to discuss any challenges you are facing within your sport and areas you wish to develop. I will use a variety of current and up to date techniques to help you develop performance areas.

1-1 Consultation

Team sessions are a fantastic way of providing sport psychology support to your whole team. Team sessions can be tailored to suit your team's specific needs, whether that be exploring team values or developing effective 

coach-athlete relationships.

Team Sessions

Performance workshops are an effective and quick way of introducing sport psychology concepts to groups of athletes, coaches and/or parents. Topics for workshops may include: developing resilience, coping with competition nerves, and learning to thrive under pressure.