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Barney Wren 


Throughout his training with the British Psychological Society (BPS), Barney has been working through contracts and private clients to provide simple, purposeful, and individualized psychological support.


Barney is currently embedded within a professional Football Academy, supporting to create a person-centered environment to influence at a system, cultural, training, team, and individual level. Barney has gained experience working with performers and coaches across a range of sports that include rugby union, athletics, cricket and badminton. He is also currently leading the psychological provision for TASS and scholarship students at the University of Brighton. Away from sport, Barney has worked as a Wellbeing Advisor for a number of organizations- supporting clients who present psychological barriers that have built up over time and are resistant to change.


Barney believes in developing strong professional relationships, which allow for deeper level surface conversations to help understand the needs of the clients and the environments in which they operate.

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